Symptoms Of Pregnancy

Health plays an immensely significant role in our lives. And A woman’s health is most important to the good health of her baby. So they need a great control and supervision for that purpose. As a little girl grows up and reach menarche i.e. when the menstruation begins approximately just between 10-12 years of age. And it is the stage where a girl becomes an adult, can conceive and get pregnant. The information and knowledge regarding all the changes and symptoms in her body is as important as the right of every child to get the basic education.

Symptoms Of Pregnancy

Symptoms Of Pregnancy

A mother is the only person with whom her daughter can share each and every stuff going on with her. It is also the responsibility of a mother to take care of her daughter at that critical stage of her life.  She needs to be aware of every pros and cons which may take place after reaching the age of adolescence and one of them is Pregnancy. It is the most beautiful gift by the god to a woman, from which a new life begins.

As a matter of fact know pregnancy is the most auspicious as well as crucial stage in a woman’s life span. It is the time during which an offspring develops inside a mother’s womb. It may involve more than one offspring, i.e., twins. Now twins can be of two kinds like they can be identical babies and fraternal twins (they are not identical, but are born to a mother at the same time). Pregnancy requires planning too. Whether you are pregnant or planning to get pregnant, you must give a healthy start to you baby. That is, a mother needs to get regular visits for check up with healthcare provider. These are the prenatal cares which are very much important for your baby and yourself to. Your body will show many changes at the time you get pregnant and as your baby starts to grow.

Let us discuss the signs and symptoms of pregnancy at different stages that you may be going through:

Symptoms of Pregnancy after Sex

Symptoms of Pregnancy after Sex

As you know very well that if you had done sex without any protection then there is possibly more chances of getting pregnant. Suppose you have just spent last 5-10 minutes having sex with your partner without using any protection and spent quality time with him, which mean  it’s time for a quick cuddle session. But let us see that there may be some symptoms which u may get just after completing Sex.

We all have been told that sex is supposed to hurt- but in reality also it may hurt you and there could be many reasons for that. If you have reached orgasm during sex, there may be some cramping in your uterus afterward because of the physical and sexual activity. If this pain exists just for a while then it is just normal and ok but if you feel this kind of severe pain every time after sex then you must visit your gynecologist since regular pain after sex could be a sign of many dangers like ovarian cyst etc.

If you try to scratch and it annoys you after getting busy, it may be a sign that you have sensitivity towards the gel and lubricants whatever you have used while having sex. But it may also be possible that if you don’t use that kind of stuff in your nightly routine then you could possibly feel allergic with your partner’s sperm too. These symptoms may start at that time or after 30 minutes and can last for a few hours or maybe for a few days.

First Signs of Pregnancy

 Perhaps the first and foremost thing that comes to your mind as u feel that Whether you are pregnant or not is  When u have missed your period after the sexual Intercourse with your partner, you may suspect or hope that you are pregnant. You must test your pregnancy at home before rushing to the doctor by the pregnancy test tools the pregnancy signs and symptoms may differ from women to women. For some women, it may begin with the first few weeks after the conception. These symptoms also show a discrepancy in their intensity, frequency, and duration.

First Signs of Pregnancy

 Bleeding and Cramps: Small amount of vaginal bleeding without having proper periods is one of the first symptoms of pregnancy. It is also known as implantation i.e. when the egg is fertilized by the sperm after the sexual intercourse and the embryo now getting embedded into the uterus of mother’s womb. This happens about 10-14 days after the fertilization. Some women may feel cramps as they undergo during their menstrual time. Women may experience abdominal cramping in early pregnancy. The bleeding is usually of lighter in colour and spottier and a bit earlier than the normal period timing and doesn’t last as long.

Swollen Breasts: Your breasts may provide one of the early symptoms of your chances of getting pregnant. They may feel heavier and fuller. The size may start enlarging.

Drowsiness and Weakness: During pregnancy, the level of hormone progesterone rises. In high enough doses it may cause you to sleep and feel tired all day without having much workload. And at the same time the level of sugar, blood pressure goes down and blood production may go up to drain your energy level. Morning Sickness may hit at any time of the day or night. Increase in blood circulation caused by the hormonal changes may lead to severe and frequent headaches.

Nausea seems to stop from the speedily rising level of the hormone estrogens and causes the stomach to empty slowly. A pregnant woman also has a high sense of smell of various odors like- Cooking, perfume, cigarettes smoke, etc.

Food Cravings and Mood Swings: Food cravings are common too. The food preferences can be seen due to the hormonal changes which can be seen as more dramatic. The hormonal changes in your body in pregnancy may lead u to emotional and miserable. Mood swings are also common in the early pregnancy.

Earliest Pregnancy Signs and Symptoms

Earliest Pregnancy Signs and Symptoms

Pregnancy tests and ultrasounds may be the ways to find out if you’re pregnant but there are other signs and symptoms too. A planned pregnancy is great news to any pregnant woman that finds out she became pregnant but what is regarding those unplanned ones? It was easy for the old generation i.e. our grandparents and fore grandparents to tell whether a woman is going to be a mother or not with just having a look at their habits and works. But now a day’s pregnancy test is more reliable and believable for everyone but they too aren’t right 5 of the time. All of the basic early signs and symptom of pregnancy is a much needed awareness for both the partners. They are supposed to know about the frequent changes taking place:

Delayed period: Probably every grown person is aware of the fact that late periods signify the possible pregnancy. However, late period may happen all the time and Pregnancy should not be quickly judged by that only cause. There are also various environmental, mental and physical factors that may contribute to the delayed period. So the assumptions only on that basis may not prove to be correct. The assumptions can only be felt true when the periods are skipped two or three weeks or say a month.

Rising level of the temperature of a body:  Higher body temperature can also be a early sign of pregnancy. The core temperature of the body may boost more easily through exercise and hot weather. T this time you will need enough water and fluid stuff and exercise carefully.

Early Bloating and Constipation:  As you feel bloated at the time of menstruation you may feel as same in this case of early pregnancy signs. These changes occur due to hormonal changes which may slow the digestive system down and consecutively you may feel constipated and this is the reason why you may feel abdominal bloating.

Weight gain:  You possibly feel yourself gaining weight at the early pregnancy symptoms. It is about one to four pounds. The calorie requirement in early pregnancy won’t change much from your usual diet, but surely they will increase as pregnancy progresses as the food will be taken by the child too.

Acne and Pregnancy Glow: As there is a rise in blood level as well as hormone level, a combination of this pushes more and more blood into the blood vessels which consequently give glossiness and flushed appearance to your skin. And on the other hand the oil glands start to work overtime it may cause acne problems.

Early Pregnancy Signs before Missed Period

Early Pregnancy Signs before Missed Period

Did you know by the time you miss your period, you may have already covered few weeks of pregnancy. As you get pregnant once the egg is fertilized and implants in the uterus.

Can you know that you are pregnant even before the missed period? Yes. Your body may show various symptoms of early signs of pregnancy before you came to know that you are going to miss periods. Not everyone experiences the same symptoms it may differ from woman to woman as per their body structures and requirements. A missed period is the most well-known sign of pregnancy.  It may have many symptoms like:

Implantation bleeding and Cramping: This is obvious that if you have unprotected sex around the ovulation time there is a possibility of you getting pregnant.

Urge to pee: It is the normal pregnancy symptom which may be faced by the pregnant woman and you get this symptom after you have missed your period. You may frequently urge to pee especially during the night. The kidneys work to filter more and more blood filling up the bladder, causing you to pee repeatedly.

Discharge: There may be an increase in your vaginal discharge as it is the early sign of getting pregnant. The milky discharge from the vagina is likely symptom of early pregnancy.

First Two Days of Pregnancy:

Women naturally experience a variety of symptoms right through the pregnancy. However, it is not necessary that all these symptoms will occur on the first day. It shows you day by day all the activities that you do throughout the day. This may be because the first day of the pregnancy is the day you conceive you baby. That is why you might face all the other symptoms like tiredness, swollen breasts, missed periods, nausea, food cravings, headaches and backaches, increased urination, light vaginal bleeding before the time of you period or may after, change in the smell sensitivity, liking towards the sour stuffs like tamarind, raw mango pickle, etc.

You may feel morning sickness, nausea and vomiting during pregnancy, and it can occur at any time of the day. You may start hating the food which may be your favourite prior to and you may start fondness regarding the food stuffs which you won’t like earlier. According to “Gastroenterology Clinics of North America” approximately 70 to 80 percent pregnant woman go through Nausea and Vomiting

At what time you must visit your doctor?

Medical treatment is much necessary during the stages of pregnancy. There are many reasons to consult a doctor during early pregnancy or after you get to know that you are pregnant within one or two days of pregnancy. The reasons may include excessive fatigue and severe morning sickness, sluggishness, feeling of drowsiness, breast tenderness, nipple discharge, new breast lump, heavy vaginal bleeding or passing of blood clots and burning with urination or blood urine pass out.

Pregnancy Symptoms of First Week:

Pregnancy Symptoms of First Week

With a day’s cycle it is about a week before ovulation occurs. An egg in one of the woman’s ovaries starts to ripen and mature and if eggs are ripening then she is preparing for twins. During this week your body starts to prepare for possible conception and pregnancy as the hormones increase and the uterus and cervix starts to produce mucus that fills the opening of the cervix and uterus line and fallopian tube. The mucus is capable of protecting the man’s sperm and helping it to survive in the woman’s body up to 3 to 5 days. The timing of sexual intercourse may not coincide with the exact time of ovulation.

Your son and daughter whatever may it is the sex of your baby is decided early. The women who aren’t planning a pregnancy, week one goes by without them realizing that they are pregnant. Even sometime week two may go undetected because many of the women face late menstrual cycle so if they face any late periods they thought it as just late.

The obvious symptoms during first week of pregnancy may be fatigue, loss of interest in things and mood swings and the constant need to urinate. Some may speculate that a woman isn’t really pregnant during the first week of her pregnancy, since fertilisation takes place during the second week. Again there are some noticeable physical changes that occur during the first week of pregnancy like digestive problems, constipation, swollen breast, morning sickness and other hormonal changes. These symptoms vary from woman to woman and most of the time woman doesn’t feel it till the second week of pregnancy starts.

Doctors are advising that the first week of pregnancy is likely to be significantly affected by your diet.

During this week there is no major development of the baby, you are not pregnant at this time as the conception doesn’t happen until about the two weeks of your period’s ends.

Still these days are also counted by the doctors and include in the pregnancy calendar so as to calculate the first day of your last monthly menstrual cycle. From this day the nine month cycle is calculated and your expected date of pregnancy is determined.

Two Weeks of Pregnancy Symptoms

Two Weeks of Pregnancy Symptoms

When you visit for your regular checkups while consulting your doctor with the first day of your last period, you might more sensibly judge conception as the beginning of pregnancy. Symptoms of two weeks after conception is around the time of the first missed menses for few women and for others it may be almost from the first day of the missed period and it  is mainly caused by the hormonal changes in the body of a woman during pregnancy.

As the early two weeks after the conception, there may be noticeable changes in the breasts of woman because of the increase in estrogens cause’s breasts to be heavier feel fuller and more sensitive than the usual ones. Nipple might become oversensitive and painful. Blue lines of veins and darkening of nipples might be noticed during the two weeks of pregnancy.

The body parts of a woman start swelling after the conception. Swollen body parts indicate the high blood flow and the increase in the level of hormones in the body and the work of oil glands become faster than usual, which may be seen by the glossiness on the skin during that period.

A temperature of the body is another factor which shows as a symptom of the two weeks of pregnancy. If you took your temperature on daily basis to know when to have sex to get pregnant. The basal body temperature remains high more than two weeks. Progesterone is produced by the growing embryo and placenta keeps the body temperature approximately 0.5 to 1 higher than the Normal body temperature.

Symptoms of Pregnancy in the First Month:

Symptoms of Pregnancy in the First Month

You may not look pregnant but you will start to feel that you are pregnant as your uterus will start expanding to accommodate the baby inside it and it may push some force on your bladder as it is expanding and you might feel to go to the bathroom every now and then. You may feel problems in sleeping and feel tired and fatigue. There are some common first pregnancy symptoms that include nausea and cramping, spotting and light colored vaginal bleeding, tiredness and fatigue, sore breasts and mood swings.

Some women may fell pregnant after the conception while some others don’t notice anything until they miss their period.

Dreams during pregnancy often exaggerate. If you are having vivid dreams along with all the other symptoms it may be a sign of pregnancy.

As the first weeks of growth and development of your baby is very critical and heath care becomes too much important for both of you. So if you have felt about your pregnancy then you must start taking prenatal care of your health that means not to use tobacco, alcohol and recreational drugs. If you are a non-vegetarian you must Ned to limit the consumption of fish because it contains high amounts of mercury which may cause harm to the baby too.

This is a great time to start prenatal care and choosing a doctor for your regular checkups and supervision throughout your pregnancy.

Fifth Week of Pregnancy Symptom:


Medical is the most trusted field in the case of pregnancy too. Medical professionals count the weeks of pregnancy from the first day of the last menstrual time. So according to this, Five weeks pregnant, you’re around one week past your missed period, there weeks past the date of conception and you might suspect that you’re pregnant. Other pregnancy symptoms also appears during this week of pregnancy. Like Increase in the hormone progesterone by the placenta- a tube which connects a mother to her baby, can cause exhaustion. Breasts swell as the milk ducts and the tissues of the breasts expand. All these hormonal changes causes a growth of the breasts for further feeding capabilities.

After weeks of quick development of the cell inside the uterus the baby takes on more separate forms. Around the fifth week of pregnancy

– Baby’s heart begins to beat, the circulatory system takes place and the bulging indicates that the baby’s heart is developing.

– The umbilical cord replaces the yolk sac as it works with the placenta which brings oxygen and nutrition to the baby and removes waste also.

– When you are fifth month pregnant, your baby has the length of the tip of a pen and grows rapidly every day

The changes in the body that takes place every day i.e. the bulging out of stomach of the mother is more dramatic externally to the world but the first weeks were internally dramatic to you. During your fifth week of pregnancy you might notice many changes like:

   Your heart rate increases to keep pace and these changes might cause dizziness, and even headaches and weakness.

You might be feeling the symptoms of early pregnancy again i.e. mood swings, fatigue, breast changes, vomiting, frequent urination etc.

As every pregnancy is unique. Some women may start to feel the symptoms of pregnancy at the fifth week. Some symptoms come later and may not come at all.

As there is mood swings in early pregnancy, you might feel to share and discuss your feelings with your partner, friends and family you need the emotional and mental support at this period of time. And the most important person who has a great role to play throughout your pregnancy is your life partner.

Regular prenatal care and supervision is much necessary for your health as well as the health of the baby. The doctor may conduct physical exams and additional routine tests which you have to be very cautious about and make sure both your baby an you r baby are healthy.

The need of information and the knowledge of what are best for you and your child is necessary to make best choices for. So you need to get updated with every terms and conditions which u needs to fulfil regarding your pregnancy months.

Warnings: There are certain warnings that some symptoms give which indicate that you may have something wrong with your pregnancy. Immediately you need to rush to your regular consulting doctor, if you got heavy bleeding and abdominal and vaginal cramps and pain as bleeding and pain can possibly point towards miscarriage or it may call ectopic pregnancy. These kinds of pregnancies may cause life threatening bleeding and may cause harm to the growing baby inside the womb.

Symptoms of Pregnancy at 12 Weeks

Symptoms of Pregnancy at 12 Weeks

Now as u have entered in the twelfth week of pregnancy means that you are ending your first trimester. In India it is a myth that before the completion of three months of pregnancy it should not be announced within the family members and friends except the close ones. This is also the time that the risk of miscarriage drops significantly.

If you haven’t announced your pregnancy among your family and friends or co-workers, this might be the perfect time for the ‘big tell’.

Changes taking place in the body:  Typically, weight gain to this point is only about 2 pounds. And this may cause your clothes to be unfit for you. Your jeans should fit differently to you in these days as your abdominal parts stats to bulge outwards and the uterus is preparing to carry your baby. This week is the time of big changes in the body of a pregnant woman. The weight increases the abdominal portion bulge outwards. The external sex organs should be appearing now or very soon because of increased hormones activity. Your baby’s webbed toes, fingers and fingernails starts to develop. The eyes move nearer to each other and the kidney can start to produce urine. Your baby may start moving spontaneously this week, though you probably won’t feel it until weeks 16 to 22. The vocal cords of your babies will use to cry and coo getting ready to develop. Babies become 3 inches long and weigh may about an ounce.

You still may experience the early symptoms of pregnancy during this period also that include weight gain, increased skin pigmentation, darkness around nipple and tender and swollen breasts.

 Changes Felt in Breasts: Breast tenderness continues till the last time of the pregnancy. Wearing a good fitting bra would be more comfortable rather than wearing too tight.

12Th week symptoms of pregnancy is the time where the morning sickness may almost disappears. If you have felt tiredness at the early pregnancy then you may feel energetic during this week of pregnancy.

The threat of miscarriage may drops in this week but still vital role to pay attention to warning signs that could create problems which may include: Bleeding with cramps, spotting that lasts for two or three days and severe pain or cramps that lasts all day.

If your usual diet has been especially healthy up to this point, now it is the time to make changes as your baby needs a variety of nutrients to get through the rest of the pregnancy.

Your skin also becomes sensitive. There can be stretch marks on your abdominal area if you scratch too much with your nails. As just like a balloon your stomach is also increasing with the increasing size of your baby and you may feel scratching your skin all day long. But try to avoid using nails on it as that marks will get worse after the delivery of your baby so you need to take care of these little things. Be sure to use sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher whenever you are outside and protect yourself from the sun if you are prolonged outdoors.

So guys, here I am summing up my article. I hope you all have liked it and I wish it may prove excellent for your know how. Every pregnant woman or the woman’s who are planning to get pregnant in near future and upcoming days I would like to Wish you a great success in your journey as you are going to step in a new phase of life. Giving birth to a child is not any easy task; God has gifted this blessing only to a woman. So feel proud for it and finally celebrate as you are staring on an exciting journey. Over the next Nine months your body will grow through some incredible changes and you will be blessed with a beautiful baby. Happy Pregnancy!